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Hi, my name's Angela and I'm currently a full-time web content writer. I'm also the owner and founder of The Chronicler blog. I've been doing this gig since being laid off from my last traditional job in mid-2010. I decided to make a go of this full-time and am still at it. I've always enjoyed writing and it has been a strength of mine--at least according to teachers, professors, the TB and TCA rating system, and so on. My eventual goal is to create a good full time income from web writing and from other worthwhile online ventures that include writing, the details of which I will be chronicling here. After plenty of soul-searching, I've decided to throw out some of my anonymity for the sake of credibility. I'm a recent business school graduate who lives in Southern Nevada with her VSO (very significant other) who does wish to remain anonymous and to whom I affectionately refer as Chronicler Spouse (CS).

I guess this is as good a time as any to include a word about my links: I will throw in a few text links here and there that lead to affiliate products that would pay me a commission if someone were to click through and make a purchase. You are of course under no obligation to click them. I've added only affiliate links to products I feel are relevant and could be helpful. Once in a rare while, I will link to something that clears up any possible confusion about a pop culture reference I make--though I've done that maybe twice at the most so far. Just so we're on the same page about this.  

My #1 Goal With This Blog

My main goal here is to detail the in's and out's, the good, the bad, and the nitty-gritty of writing web content for a living or for extra income. It is also to give you some kick-in-the-pants motivation if you are serious about earning writing web content from home. If some readers enjoy my sometimes-acidic sense of humor, more power to them :) This business not always lollipops, sweetness, and fuzzy positivity as some blogs devoted to "The Other F-word" will sometimes lead you to believe. A fair warning: I dislike the word "freelance" and have created the above-linked post explaining exactly why it is a detriment to long-term career plans. Does writing web content have setbacks and sources of frustration? Of course! Is it still worth it? Hell yes! I have learned much more about writing, Internet marketing, SEO, Google and a host of other related things than I ever did in a classroom. That being said, this blog is not really for me. It's for you if you are a current or aspiring web content writer or if you are just curious about how it is really possible to earn from home online with this kind of work.

What I also want to convey this blog is something that I feel many other content-writing centered blogs fail to do with enough emphasis: This takes hard work. It is not a Get-Rich-Quick or Get-Rich-Easy scheme. It is also not a solution to your problems as plenty of work-from-home gurus will tell you. I have read plenty of material that leaves the reader with the impression that all you have to do is write X number of words, submit, and the money will start flowing in. This is both inaccurate and too broad of a picture. I also feel it does the reader a disservice. Conforming to every client rule and expectation takes time and attention to detail. The same goes for learning and applying the rules of Associated Press Style writing. Sharing and referring your pay-per-view articles also takes work before you can earn from them.

Does it get easier as you build up experience? You bet! That applies here as it does with any type of job or career endeavor. Still with me? Great! What I hope you will take from this blog is an idea of how rewarding this hard work can be when it comes to being a web content writer. Among other things, it hones these traits/skills to a razor-sharp edge over time:
  • Time management 
  • Discipline
  • Accountability
  • Perseverance
  • Mental toughness
Whether you stay working from home for the long haul or eventually want to re-enter (or enter for the first time) the world of offline jobs, these will all serve you very well. Ready to get started with this journey? Let's get going!

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