Thursday, October 25, 2012

Moved from Blogger to My Own Domain

This will be my last post written from Blogger. I have purchased the domain from Hostgator and will be migrating this blog over to my own hosting account. Reasons for doing so are numerous, namely more advertising/affiliate link freedom and more authority that comes from losing the "blogspot" in the URL. Expect The Chronicler Blog to roll out a new look as well.

After going through days of trying to get Blogger to redirect automatically, both myself and Hostgator's tech support have concluded that there is a serious problem getting Blogger to recognize the DNS settings you need to change for your own domain. You can read about more of the details here. To avoid the nightmare I've had of manually moving all of my content, I highly recommend not jumping on the Blogger train if you ever think you might want to move to your own domain. 

Once I paid WordPress the mapping fee on top of the domain purchase I paid to Hostgator (thankfully these are not expensive), I have gone through the extremely tedious process of copying every post here over to my new WordPress site. To avoid detection of duplicate content, I've deleted the old copies here from Blogger. Yes, I know there are caches, but that's evidently out of my control. I've also deleted roughly 20 of the oldest posts altogether because they were outdated, not optimized and irrelevant.

 By the way, I used funds from CashCrate to buy this domain name. I don't do anything except search with the CashCrate toolbar and check into the site when I remember. I still earn small pay-outs just from doing that, so I encourage anyone else to check it out. It's enough each month to buy a domain and have a little left over, so that's my purpose for CashCrate.  

I'm asking anyone with links and bookmarks to this blog to update them to for the latest news and happenings. This old Blogger address will no longer be updated or accessed after today. It's been an awesome ride, and I'm now moving to the next evolution with this blog.

I know that making this move might result in a drop in traffic at first, so I will be ramping up my efforts to build it back up. I feel it's worth the trade-off for having this blog on my own domain. There you have it--my final Blogger post. Hope to see you on the other side :)